Thursday, December 17, 2009


Christmas is coming sooner and sooner....

Recent Project!
"Potato" the puppy! :D

I love it! It really does look alike my puppy that I had when I was in elementry school... :)

Project #2:
This one is really one of the Highlight out of all my custom orders!
Guess what is it? hahaha...
It's kind of hard to guess for now... :P

Got any clues? :)


hana said...

Love the puppy!! (Potato is actually one of the names I have on my list for future puppies)

A guess would be.. chinese dragon?

◕‿◕ Maggy_cute said...

hello, I'm pretty puppy over the type of yarn you used, and this being beautiful dragon you also wanted to know if I can exchange the pattern of dragon and I will pass that of Sackboy if you have not, I hope it a salute to ... I really like your projects.

sue said...

hello haruki.. i always love your creation .. the puppy is so cute.. i guess the custom order is lion from the chinese lion dance.. am i right? am i going to get a present for that? (just joking) hee hee

NICKY said...

Ciao ciao!!!
sei troppo brava!!!
Mi piacerebbe diventare come te!!!Crei degli amigurumi strepitosi!!!

Haruki said...

RE: Hana
Thank you so much! I never thought of a name 'potato' for a puppy, but this name kinda suit him :)

RE: Maggy
Thank you so much for visiting! For the puppy I used Bernat Soft Boucle in 'Natural' (that's the colour name) :) Sorry I actually didn't record the pattern while I was making it...maybe later if I'm making another one.

RE: Sue
Hahaha yes correct answer! :D Just because you're asking for gift, email me your mailing address and I'll send a little gift to you! :D

RE: Nicky
Grazie per aver visitato il mio blog!
BUON NATALE anche a te! :D

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