Saturday, December 12, 2009

busy busy busy

Pom Pom Christmas Tree

Recent Project...

cutie twins :)

other orders...
worked ALL day everyday (I really mean it...from 7am in the morning to 12am at night!) for these orders...whew!

I always wanted to have my own brand's tag on my amigurumis....
I found a online store called, which selling customized clothing tags, gift wrapping papers, stickers, etc. A pretty nice little store.

So I ordered these woven clothing tags....
I think the price is reasonable as it is all customized. nice....loved it so much :D


One more thing I would like to mention to those who were misunderstood me.

I heard people saying that I'm having attitude about not willing to make more than one doll of each style (?).

I make almost everything I can to satisfy my customers.I'm happy to make as many dolls as my customer wants.
I don't understand why people were saying that.... :(

The only thing up to my mind is cartoon characters amigurumis. That is the only thing I will not make ahead of time and display at my cubic box. It is because I really have a concern about the copyright issue for registered cartoon characters/registered icons/anything that is not originally created by me.

All these registered cartoon characters are made to order, that means I make them if customer request it, even though the patterns are created by me, however I will not make one or two more and advertise them at my cubic box.

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas is coming's gonna be crazzzzy!!

sorry for the wait again....I finally got some time to post up some pictures here!
couples of projects going on here...and time's running out!!!

Let's talk about what I did...
Custom project: '6' from 9 movie
I have never seen this animation before, but they do look alike "sackboy" but taller...
I have spend so much time to work on this project, it's challenging but fun!

one of the most challenging part is the strips, finally I use eyeshadow to paint the strips spend me an hour just for the painting because I need to do it layer by layer.
The down side is that you will not be able to wash it since it may goes off by washing...any better ideas?? Please advise!

Here it is the final, I think it's cute :)
His hair is my favorite part heehee!

Pom Pom Pet factory!
16 pets for party favor! :)

Aren't they so cute??
It's worth all the hard work when I see these little cutie pies!

Are you ready for Christmas yet??

A friendly reminder for customer who would like to order for Christmas:
This Friday (Dec 11, 2009) will be the deadline for orders that needed to be delivered before Christmas! If you wanted to get a cute and unique amigurumi for your loved ones this Christmas, please order by Dec 11, 2009. Thank you!