Saturday, September 11, 2010

busy busy

Recently I decided to give every of my dolls a name, it's like to give them a soul.... :)
This is Louis, a bear that do arts, he is a painter. Louis likes to use paint brush to paint, sometimes he use his paws to paint.

This is Bernice the bee, for my friend Bernice :) and her nick is Bee.
So this is a bee that represent herself.

I think everybody use some kind of object or animal, or character, or even superhero to represent themselves. Like my nickname is mushroom and I use mushroom to represent myself. I cannot explain why, but people start calling me mushroom and I think it's interesting and it fits me well (haha!) so I start using mushroom as my icon.
My friends are everything: Bunny, Tiger, Muffin, Fish, Doraemon, Teddy, Barbie, Snake, Puppy, Hello name it. :)

What's representing you?