Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Sleeping Sheep Winners!!

Okay everyone, the result is outtttttttttt!!!
Before I announce the winners of the giveaway I would like to thank everyone who joined and participated! Thank you so much for you time chit-chating with me haha! :D I'm so glad that there are so many people love this little sheep :) how sweet! heehee! Okay, so now here we comes the winnersssss!

First Place: Ms. Margarida Paredes Ollé with 122 points!! wow! such a high mark!
Second Place: Margarida's good neighbor - Ms. Maria Escoda!! with 82 points! wowww!!

The third, forth and fifth place are randomly picked within the group of 6 pointers:
Third Place: Doris Maurer
Forth Place: Barbara Moore
Fifth Place: Hanna Han

Yay! Congratulations!!!!!!! :D
I'll ask each of the winners for their mailing address!
Thanks again for your participation!