Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Customized Projects

These are my recent customized projects... :)

Having a great sun bath :D hahaa

Another popular character...
with a puppet-like mouth
To make it more detailed I have also add his fingers.

Even though I'm not really that happy "copying" cartoon characters but actually it was very challenging to make it "real".
I like making my own original doll but I think that's another type of training for me :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mami's new car hanging toy

Weekend project:
My mami asked me to make an amigurumi for her new ride.
after some brainstorming I came out with this little bear... :)
sorry my phone camera wasn't focus on the bear because it doesn't have the marco function... @_@
actually the ballons was the challenging part...
at first I only attached the ballons strings to the bear's hand, but it wasn't working, the bear went horizontal...
so I have to attached the other part of the ballon strings to its ear so that it looks right.
his little hood can be a little container for car fragrance sticks/beads :)

recently I'm very busy on projects and new plans...having FUN!~
hope you all have a wonderful week!