Sunday, March 9, 2008

The storm hit Toronto AGAIN!!!
gosh what's going on?? :(
I hate too much snow...

After a battle-like week, finally I have a little break, I can finally sit down and make my babies...
look at my messy messy work station (dinning table)!!

I have been working on several projects...
my bubble pet series and easter goodies...

Usually I don't like to stick with one project,
Sometimes I have too many ideas then I like to work on several projects at the same time.
Kinda funny eh? :P

Play around with my camera when I'm bored.
This little light is from Ikea...I have all 3 of them...sooo cute :D

Finally it's done!
My easter baby chick :D perfect hanging toy for Easter!
available at Etsy tomorrow!! (I'll put it up after my classes...:/)


Anonymous said...

It is so cute! Are you planing on selling the pattern? It should do well with easter coming up. I cant wait to see what else you create.

Haruki said...

Hi there,
thanks for leaving a message! I think I'll try to offer both --> pattern and doll making :)
please check back my Etsy store later!

Crystal said...

Im just east of you. I know what you mean about all this darn snow..grrr
I love your amigurami! Your chick is adorable.

Haruki said...

RE: crystal
haaa!! the winter will not go away!! another one is coming...omg.. :(

thanks for leaving a msg!
drive safe! keep yourself warm! :)
please come again! haha

Anonymous said...

haha :D I own some of the Ikea-light ghosts too :D

Say, do you ship amigurumi to the EU?
You're so talented *_*

The faces of your amigurumi are sooo cute!

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