Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm the proud mama! :D

I'm so happy and proud to announce, the first (as I known) twin of baby sheep is born!! sweet! :)

from Cecile - a very nice and talented crafter from Flickr (link to her flickr site)
She is the first person who motivated me to my first step of pattern writing :)
Thank you very much Cecile, without you, my little sheep would be so lonely right now!

School work is killing me again...
I'll be back on Tuesday :) wish me luck!


Csil said...

Thank you so much for all those compliments !!!
I'm so proud to know that I gave you motivation for writing patterns ;-)
You've got a lot of talent ! I love all your work.

Good luck for your school working !



Haruki said...

thank you very much Cecile :)
have a great easterrrr! :D

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Maya Remme said...

Where can i find the pattern for this? Its absolutely lovely :-)