Saturday, January 1, 2011

A gift for my new start!

Happy New year!! ^0^
I have made myself a little gift for a new start!

A bird bird cellphone case! :D heheee
Spent about 2 hours to make, love it so much ^__^
I always wish I can make a cellphone case for myself, however I was too busy to make it until this Christmas and New year holiday! Finally, finally, it's born ^0^ heehee...yay!


Nettan said...

So sweet case for your cellphone, exactly what every cellphone needs!! =)

ღXarochitaღ said...

Holaaa, hay alguien ahi??, te invito a mi nuevo blog de amigurumis, solo tienes que checar las reglas, espero pueda verte por alla, entra a mi blog, saludos!! =)

Laura said...

Soooo cute! I love it! I was just thinking today that I should make a case for my iPhone :)... you gave me an inspiration... really cute!


Ronja said...

Hey! I just wanna say, I loove your blog! It is awesome to see someone younger who do handmade stuff! Im 18 myself, and i just learned to ( i don´t know how to say it in english, haha) do the things you do. Just wanned to give you thums up! :)
Good luck with your stuff! / Ronja

Alex Warren said...

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Cleveland Industrial real estate said...

Bravo.....such a lovely design

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Is that a cellphone holder?

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James said...

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