Friday, January 22, 2010

Sleeping Sheep 2nd Birthday giveaway!!

As Sleeping Sheep is going to be its 2nd birthday in Feb 22,
For this special day I'm going to hold a
sleeping sheep giveaway!!

If you would like to get a free sleeping sheep, please follow the rules:

1. Follow my blog. (you'll get 1 point.)

2. Leave a comment in this blog-post, introduce yourself and tell me what is your favorite amigurumi character(s), and what kind of new things would you like to see at Harugurumi in the future? (try to post the comment in this blogpost or else I might miss your entry.) (you'll get 2 points.)

3. Have you tried out my free sleeping sheep pattern? If so, how do you like the pattern? Anything I need to improve? If you do tried out the pattern, do you have any photos of your creation?

Please E-mail me your sleeping sheep photos. If you have facebook, please join myHarugurumi group and post your sleeping sheep photos in the album! Or post your other crochet creations, or just come and chat! :) (you'll get 3 points for joining, please let me know if you have also made comments on my blog)

4. Spread out the words about Harugurumi and tell them to do the same as you did for this giveaway! (you'll get 4 points for each referral!! the easiest way is to refer your friends to join my facebook group. Make sure they leave a comment and your name as referral in order to give you the points! Also please do not waste your time and make 10 empty accounts and join my group, it won't count. >_< )

On Feb 22nd, 2010,
The star who get the highest mark will get one original sleeping sheep!!
Second place will get a small sleeping sheep!!
Third place will get a big pom pom sleeping sheep keychain!!
Forth and fifth place will get a 20% off coupon for future purchases at Harugurumi.
**If there are more than one person with the same number of points, I will randomly pick the winner for that prize.

Thank you for your participation!
If you have any questions please let me know!


Nikki Paige Photography said...

I love this pattern. I made one for a baby a while back. It is the cutest pattern. I have been crocheting since Nov 2006 and my favorite thing to crochet is amigurumi. I am also an aspiring photographer. I have a blog for my crafts and a blog for my photography. I love your sleepy sheep and will sen dyoua photo of the one I made. -Nikki

Hanna ♥ said...

Hello. I'm Hanna. *waves* I adore your site and honestly speaking, not trying to butter you up or anything, but the sleeping sheep are my favorite. ♥ They're adorable. And I would like to see more patterns and new stuff. I love everything you do, yeah, but I want to see more of the prettiness, you know? :D I love this place. ♥

Um, does putting you on Google Reader list count as following?


Barbara said...

Hi I'm Barbara and I also have a blog I just found your blog and also started following you on Facebook. I haven't made one of your little sleeping sheep yet but I'm sure I probably will, they are so cute. I like Amigurumi and I have to say that teddy bears are my favorite right now. I don't knit, I only crochet and I'm looking forward to seeing what you design and do.

Haruki said...

Re Nikki,
Thank you very much! your sleeping sheep is just adorable! :D you have so much talent on both crafting and photography! I love photography too but I'm just at a beginner level, need to learn more to take photos as great as yours!

Re: Hanna
yes follow in google reader get 1 point too! :)
make sure to refer some friends to participate and earn more points!
Thank you very much and good luck! :D definitely I will put more new stuff on thanks for your comment!

Re: Barbara
Thank you very much for joining us! I hope you'll enjoy making the sleeping sheep too :D I don't really knit either, I can only knit a scarf with basic stitch hahah! :P but I love crocheting so much because it just got unlimited possibilities, no matter it's 2D or 3D. Heehee :)

maesca said...

Ohhh! This pattern is fabulous! I make two sleeping sheep.
I follow you in facebook and I follow your blog too.
I will announce your giveaway in my blog.
And I will post some photos of my sleeping sheep.
Thank you!!

margarida said...

hi Haruki!
i´m Margarida from catalonia (spain) i adore you blog and of course your job. i follow it since spring 2008 when i discover your sliping sheep pattern.
i'm absolutely fan of your sleeping sheep and i made a lot of present for all my friend's newborns, but with a little change:my sheeps are not sliping!!
in the future i'll would like to see in your blog more amigurumi's: bears, mouses, elephants, lions.

i'm going to join you amigurumi group on facebook, post some sliping sheeps photos on your album. and i'm going to announce your giveaway in my blog

i want to thank you for this marvellous pattern


sue said...

ahhh.. finally ...

hi haruki.. i always admire your work.. i read and follow your blog silently until a few months back i couldn't keep it secret anymore.. hee hee

i want to participate in this giveaway.. i do!

so ..

1. follow your blog - finally .. been looking for that button for ages!

2. leave a comment - am doing it right now!

hi! i'm sue .. and i really love to see some frogs and cats and lions and tigers here because i can imagine they'll be too cute

3. yes.. i've tried the sleeping sheep pattern.. two had succeed and loads in my WIPs bag ... sent the pictures of them too .. :D

join your facebook group .. and posted about this in my facebook too but technology is not my thing so i cannot post my photo.. will do so when i found the way..

4. spread out the words.. of course... started at my facebook and will have this post in my blog too..

but , too bad i don't have loads of craft friend but i'll try

Haruki said...

RE Maesca:
Thank you very much! your sleeping sheep is just so cute :D It actually looks sleepier than my sheep! great job! haha :D

RE margarida:
Thank you for your photo! your sleeping sheep is chubby and adorable! I wanna hug her ^0^ and the bunny too! heehee
I hope your friends will also enjoy your creations!

RE Sue:

yay! you made it :D haha~ got your photos, cuteee stuff :D may I post them on facebook? Thank you for inviting friends to join! Well it doesn't has to be crafty people to join, anyone who would like to get the sleep sheep can also join my party :D Good luck!

sue said...


i'm honoured to have them posted in your facebook.. please do so... :D

sure to spread this good news. who don't want those cute sheep? ahhh

emosback said...

Hello, my name is Lizzy. I follow your blog, adore your amigurumi sheep, and think giraffe's make adorable amigurumi. Right now I am trying your pattern for the first time, and it is great! I appreciate your tips about how to stuff each part so it turns out looking right. I don't have any photos yet, but I will be sure to email them to you once I have them!

Doris (Sheepmama) said...

Hello, I have postet in your facebook. I like your sleeping sheep.

With best wishes from Germany

emosback said...

I just got the photos and started on my second one! I blogged about it on my blog:
I posted pics on your facebook as well.

Haruki said...

RE Doris:
Thank you very much for joining us! love your creations! :D Good luck!

RE emosback:
Thank you very much for posting your sleeping sheep photos! love them! Have fun hookin'~ :D

Rhapsody Crafter said...

hiya! i'm sue (not to be confused with the other sue who commented earlier! haha...)

i'm a crocheter too, but i'm afraid i'm not as creative as you... i do try! LOL...

my favourite amigurumi are characters human dolls... angels, girls etc. but i also love any cute animal amis.

for the future, i hope you'll feature more patterns (simple ones) in your free patterns section. i've actually linked you in my blog under my 'free patterns' list, so that my friends (most of them new crocheters) know where to go to get simple patterns to work on as practice.

lastly, love your blog and your creations! keep them coming! ;)

tamara said...

Hello, Haruki!

So good to see a fellow Canuck doing some beautiful (and achingly cute!) crafty-things! Just found your blog through a link on Ravelry...As a brand-new knitter, I have recently discovered the cuteness that is Amigurumi...and I long to learn how to crochet now, so that I can make them too *sigh*...'til then, I just admire the work of others...your Sleeping Sheep are ADORABLE! I can't be in the running for a free one, but I'll tell you that my favourite Amigurumi are Octopi...I saw a baby octopus pattern in a book that was soooo cute, it almost made me cry! Thanks for sharing your craft out here in the Blogosphere, your bookmarked in my favourites now! Cheers and Happy Hooking...Tamara in Ontario ^-^ said...

so cute! i want to try them out! i just joined your facebook(as laci hodges) and am now following you!

Haruki said...

RE Sue:
Thanks for joining us! :D
I believe everyone has some creativity in their heart, all we need is some inspirations from others. Thanks for your comments! I'm trying to gather some easy projects right now so I can share with you all later.
Love your blog, everything is cuteeee :D

RE tamara:
Welcome! I'm from Ontario too :D Toronto! Yes amigurumi is sooo cute I'm sure you'll love to make them! :D Cheers!

Thanks so much for joining us! Please be sure to share with your friends too! :D P.S: LOVED your crocheted fashion! loved the yarn chain necklace :D

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